Double Action | Dermo calm


Alpha stem complex, Centella asiatica stem cell extract, Humulus lupulus extract and Aloe Vera, Zanthalene®.

SOOTHING LOTION designed to restore the perfect condition of the skin. Thanks to its precious active ingredients it is able to restructure the surface lipid film of the skin, protecting it from potentially toxic elements and dehydration. Formulated with Alpha stem complex, a mix of molecules that combat skin reddening and discomfort, and Centella asiatica stem cell extract which carries out an antioxidant action; Humulus lupulus extract and Aloe Vera glycerin extract, which have emollient and skin protection properties; Zanthalene®, with its soothing and anti-itching effect.

10 X 10 ML | 10 X FL. OZ. 0.33 (FLACONETTE)