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Aloe vera, provitamin B5, vitamin C,  X-HP and Vibrariche.

The revolutionary “PERFECTIONEX” treatment has the extraordinary capacity to protect hair during bleaching or when used with other very aggressive treatments and to rebuild the damaged fibre. Its composition, based on 2 patented, latest-generation active ingredients, VIBRARICHE and X-HP, protects hair, coating from the inside, during the various stages and rebuilds it deep down, creating new bonds in the fibre to replace those often broken or damaged during chemical treatments that make hair more fragile and dry if not damaged. Added powerful “restorative” complexes such as the latest-generation vitamin mixtures PRO-VITAMIN B5, VITAMIN C and ALOE VERA act as remarkable VITAMIN mixes for deep fibre rebuilding, strengthening and moisturising.

500  ML | FL. OZ. 16.9