Inimitable Style | Line with luminescine


Gives instant softness and elasticity to the most difficult and unmanageable hairstyles. Makes the hair less frizzy and easier to comb. New formula with LUMINESCINA: a complex that restores the hair’s luminosity. With OLIVE LEAF extract, a powerful ANTIOXIDANT and EMOLLIENT, it gives instant softness and elasticity to even the most unmanageable hairstyles. Nourishes and hydrates. Cleanses deep down without damaging the hair. No sles, no parabens, no petrolates. Method of use: apply to damp hair, massage gently and leave to act for a few minutes, then RINSE. Repeat if necessary.

250 ML – 1000 ML | FL. OZ. 8.45 – FL. OZ. 33.8