HAIR COMPANY TEAM is made up of hairstylists, make up artists and technicians highly appreciated and requested in Italy and all over the world.

Thanks to their ability they are able to perform everywhere: standing in both big auditorium and specific high level one- to one workshops.

They are used to showing anyplace: Russia, Hong Kong, Germany, Mexico, Spain, crossing Portugal, Singapore and Finland and many further locations.Their professionalism and creativity is so contagious that get support and consensus everywhere.

Their education comes out from different professional experience connected by attending high level international academy and seminars as Vidal Sassoon, Longueras, Cameron and others vey popular.

Continuous updating is the they key to the success: they attend regularly different seminars from fashion to news in techniques and products at international level.
Passion and enthusiasm they share with the attendees is always at highest level and the response is beyond all expectation.